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Terms of Service



  1. Every Customer and Certain Professional agrees to the terms of this document.
  2. We are a registered Irish business intended to assist members of the public in finding a solicitor and barrister with the knowledge and experience to answer their legal queries and represent them in court.
  3. Members of the public

  4. Where a Customer seeks legal advice or representation from a barrister, we will refer their query to Mahmud Samad BL. Exceptionally, and with the Customer's prior consent, we may refer the query to another barrister qualified to deal with it.
  5. The Bar Council requires that members of the public should instruct barristers through a solicitor. It is not necessary for a member of the public to contact us through a solicitor, but we may refer them to a solicitor where this is required.
  6. Where a member of the public wishes to instruct Mahmud through a solicitor then that solicitor may directly instruct Mahmud on his client's behalf.
  7. Mahmud is a practising barrister in the Republic of Ireland and is subject to the rules of the Bar Council of Ireland.
  8. Mahmud provides advice and representation in any area of law falling into one of his practice areas (as advertised on our Website).
  9. Where a Customer engages Mahmud to carry out work, the work should be carried out in a timely manner, and the customer should be provided with an estimate of his fees and the Completion day for the work.
  10. Professionals

  11. Certain Professionals may contact us with a view to seeking advice or representation from Mahmud on behalf of their clients or on their own behalf.
  12. We may also invite interest from Certain Professionals who wish to be entered into our database of specialist lawyers and accountants to whom we may refer Customers.
  13. Fees

  14. We do not charge a fee for our referral services.
  15. We will endeavour to ensure that a fee estimate is provided to Customers by the Lawyers to whom we refer their query. This should be provided by the Lawyer before the Customer incurs any fees or costs.
  16. The amount of fees charged by Lawyers is a matter between the Customer and the Lawyer in question, and shall be paid directly to that Lawyer.
  17. Information and Privacy

  18. We may ask Customers and Certain Professionals for Certain Information required to assess their case.
  19. The Customer or Certain Professional agrees to allow us to collect such information and to share it with Mahmud Samad BL for the sole purpose of assessing their case or otherwise providing the requested legal assistance.
  20. The information will not be shared with any person other than Mahmud without the prior consent of the Customer or Certain Professional from whom the information was collected.
  21. Where a Customer or Certain Professional who provides us with said information does not proceed to instruct Mahmud, we will delete all said information from our records and servers and we will no longer have access to it.
  22. The Website uses standard cookies to enhance the experience of its users and to provide us with traffic information. The Customer and every user of the Website agrees to accept cookies generated by the Website.
  23. Exemption from liability

  24. There shall be no legal relationship between us and the Customer or Certain Professional.
  25. We shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, inconvenience or expense arising from our service. Any loss, damage, inconvenience or expense arising from work carried out by any Lawyer to which we refer a Customer is a matter between the Lawyer and the Customer.
  26. Every Lawyer to which we refer a Customer shall have the appropriate and necessary professional indemnity insurance at all material times.
  27. Jurisdiction

  28. This agreement and any dispute arising hereunder shall be exclusively governed by the laws of Ireland shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish courts.