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Licence Agreement

    Definitions and Usage

    "Corporate Legal" means the business known as "Corporate Legal" having its registered office at 16 Sraid na Mara, Sea Road, Sligo.

    "Customer" means any person purchasing the Precedents from Corporate Legal.

    "Precedent" means any document being sold by Corporate Legal on its website, specifically in the section of the website entitled "Precedents".

    Words used in this document conveying the masculine shall also be read as meaning the feminine and neuter. Words conveying the singular shall be read as also conveying the plural, and vice versa.


  1. Both Corporate Legal and the Customer agree to accept the terms set out in this document.
  2. The Precedents provided by Corporate Legal are highly detailed legal documents intended to assist the Customer with his legal drafting.
  3. The Precedents are intended for illustrative purposes only and must never be regarded as complete legal documents.
  4. Corporate Legal shall provide the Customer with an electronic copy of the Precedent purchased by the Customer upon payment by the Customer of the licence fee.
  5. The Precedents shall be provided in the Microsoft Word format or such other format requested by the Customer as may be reasonably practicable.

  6. Licence and Copyright

  7. Corporate Legal may sell the Licence in the Precedents to Customers for a Licence Fee. The copyright in the Precedents so sold shall remain with Corporate Legal and shall not be transferred to the Customer or any other person. The Licence shall entitle the Customer to inspect and modify the
  8. Precedent for any purpose he sees fit, and he may sell the modified document to his own customers. However, the Customer shall not sell or otherwise distribute the Precedent to others for the purposes of being used as a Precedent by them or any other person.
  9. The Customer is entitled to make copies of the Precedent and to store and distribute same within his own firm, company or organisation, but not elsewhere.

  10. Licence fee

  11. Corporate Legal shall clearly display the amount of the Licence fee payable for the purchase of each Precedent on its website.
  12. All prices shall be inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate in the Republic of Ireland.
  13. The Licence fee shall be paid in Euro using any of the following methods: cheque, bank transfer, credit/debit card, Paypal.

  14. Exclusion of Liability

  15. Corporate Legal shall ensure that the Precedents are drafted to the highest standard by Counsel specially engaged for that purposes.
  16. The Precedents available shall be updated from time to time to ensure compliance with Irish lawl but it is for the Customer to update Precedents in accordance with legal changes arising subsequent to the date of purchase.
  17. Corporate Legal accepts no liability whatsoever, and however arising, for any loss, damage, inconvenience or expense caused by the purchase and use of its Precedents by the Customer or any other person.

  18. Jurisdiction

  19. This agreement shall be governed by Irish law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish courts.